Sunday, February 15, 2009

Immigration Bullyrag

Statue Of Liberty: This is a nation of immigrants.

by Edwin A. Sumcad
February 15, 2009

I owe it to Felimar Blanco, a website master in his own right, for sending over this anti-immigration video for my comment.

You may find my view on this matter quite different if not rare. What is seen in the video is misleading. Control of fertility rate, re, replacement growth was applied on the pre-immigration population [the green graph] but not on the additional population through immigration [the red graph placed on top of the green graph] which shows a camouflaged bias.

Statistical manipulation of this kind cannot escape the notice of one who was once a statistician in the RP bureau of census many years ago. Statistics never lies, unless you put something into it to make it lie.

The presentation was based on the wrong premise that America’s immigration policy aims at helping the underdeveloped world lessen their population explosion problem! Pebbles in the glass jar have no relevance at all as to why this country attracts different peoples from all parts of the world.

The presenter forgot what the meaning of the Statue of Liberty is – we are welcoming people of the world that seek freedom -- it is not about helping countries where they come from get rid of or lessen their overcrowding population!

This is a huge fundamental error in the understanding of the objectives and goals of the U.S. Immigration policy. It is a subtle distortion of statistical results out of a skillful manipulation of data indicating that immigration is being politicized.

The Republicans can never win on this immigration issue since they have reached the end of the rope. The nation is in total agreement that we have to guard our borders against illegal intrusions of aliens, and hardly is there any opposition to the need to establish a system to legalize undocumented immigrants. But it is a long and slow process. The Republicans were running out of patience in 2006. As a result, they lost control of Congress. Out of frustration, their ultimate solution was to criminalize some ten million undocumented immigrants in the country, and as criminals hunt them down like animals, arrest each one of them and gather them in a huge camp and deport them one by one – that is if they don’t shoot them dead in rage like ordinary criminals for resisting arrest.

The hunted will challenge authorities for their own survival and for the survival of their families and love ones … when authorities look down on them as criminals, deprive them of social legislations, i.e., without medical services for their children and families who will spread diseases in the community; without benefit of education that would turn them and their offspring into social outcast, and eventually in control of the streets as hoodlums and criminals; starve them, etc.

The problem Rednecks have is that they cannot see any farther away to where their extended nose ends. The cost to carry out this de-immigration of America will make what we spend now for them look like a penny-ante in a high poker game. And this is not a game for sonar bats to play.

Why would that be even more costly? For one we have to build detention camps all over the country to house some ten million of them, and with attitudinal murder in mind, spend huge sum of taxpayers’ money like crazy hunting them down like animals, for policing and feeding them until they get deported, and the like.

We cannot cut corners on deportation due process … they have rights under the Constitution and that means years before a single deportation out of the ten million immigrants gets through the legal process – we de-Americanize America in the eyes of the world if we deprive them of their right. And to do it right means we have to amend our Constitution on judicial due process.

How much that would cost? Billions of dollars, amidst the funding of many battles in Congress for political leverage, and the cost of opportunity losses in passing critical legislations needed as a result of unwanted diversion that decapitate the time, energy and resources of the nation. The cost of this disabling collateral damage to the nation is beyond monetary estimation.

We have to create and maintain an Army against some ten million of them. It is a retarded speculation for anyone to assume that they will not go underground and declare their war against the government as a matter of survival.

Add to this dollar cost, deaths and/or casualties as a result of civil strife. How much would this underground civil war cost us? Billions over billions of dollars not to speak of destructions an underground rebellion is expected to create. In 1861–1865, the nation almost went bankrupt at the end of the Civil War with more six hundred thousand Americans dead. In dollar, the losses this nation sustained cannot be accounted for.

Al Qaeda will be looked down as a tamed group of Katzenjammer Kids in comparison that cause certain mischiefs. The cost of the destructions they create would just be a joke in size. Remember that these immigrants illegal or not, are now living here for some time, raised their families here, and there is no doubt at all that they love this country too, like all Americans do – they think it is their fatherland too, like you and I do, after living here over the years like any other immigrant, and if their wives and dependents they love, the children and families they care so much about are kicked in the ass in a manner that brings forth the painful memories of the Holocaust, it will be so stupid for anyone to think that they will not fight.

These realities of de-immigration does not justify burying our heads under the sand intentionally to give bent to our anger that an alien across the border is subverting our immigration laws. Several options are open to us in dealing with this problem without becoming a monster that we need not be or ought to be.

We cannot think like how Skinheads think, and act like what Supremacists do, putting this country to shame. They killed Joseph Ileto, a postal immigrant worker who supported his family in the hard struggle to one day realize their American Dream, to serve notice to the world that immigrants should stop coming to this country and “steal” their own jobs.

No one condones any violation of our border laws or any transgression of our sovereignty. Anyone that walks the earth doing this kind of intrusion has to pay a high price. Yet that should not deter this nation from becoming humane in the treatment of immigrants, documented or not, nor should it be interpreted to mean that we are encouraging foreigners to enter into our territorial domain in willful violation of our immigration laws.

Speaking of social expenditures vis-à-vis illegal immigrants, right now, the cost of their being here, and the social ameliorations they received from the government, are almost equal [in some studies they take less than what they contribute to the economy] the benefits derived from the “underground economy” created as a result of their presence in the country. This will stop the moment they are hunted down as criminals. If this underground contribution to the economy is ten billion dollars to the State of California, then California will lose this bonanza and we have to put up this amount to maintain the economy at least in the same level at a certain time.

The video presenter was talking about the cost of immigration – nobody in the captive audience dared to ask him what would be the cost if we stop immigration and we all turn ourselves into mean-spirited Republicans who are going after them hammer and tong.

The presenter looks like he is a white descendant born to immigrants from Europe some hundreds years ago. He should have presented his video when his forebears were starting to “crowd” this country as immigrants many years ago. Then we would not have this “immigration problem” we have today as the presenter sees it.

The argument against the cost we carry on our shoulder for immigrants that came here legally or illegally is the most stupid selfish argument I have ever heard for the first time in a long time. This donor country spends billions of dollars “for charity” when it responds to deserving countries across the oceans year in and year out that are badly in need of “international aid” or “humanitarian aid”.

These local tightwads embarrass me when I hear them say with unconcealed pride that this benevolent nation is the richest and the mightiest on the planet! I want to slap the ignorance out of their system by telling them that misers did not make this country the wealthiest on the planet.

To deprive a baby born to immigrant undocumented or not of medical services in a downtown hospital and let the toddler die because we could no longer allegedly afford the cost, and yet proudly throw away billions and billions of our tax money for countries abroad in the name of charity, is not only inhuman but also a misguided thinking … a detestable hypocrisy.

I just said that the Republicans’ twisted mean-spiritedness cannot sway reasonable Americans on this critical immigration issue in their favor. Millions of immigrants in the country see the Liberals as their knights in shining armor. Die-hard Republicans are anti-government, whereas dye-in-the-wool Liberals and Democrats are for government, the exponents of welfare in this country for so long.

If I have to criticize the influx of immigrants in California, it is because it could lead to the demise of the two-party system. New comers to California take their oath of allegiance when naturalized as U.S. citizens. Eight out of ten register as Democrats. Exercising their right to vote will vote Liberals to office, and those who cannot vote will support the Democrats. It is from them where their welfare comes from.

I live in California to know this like I know the back of my palm. The number of my kind – conservative Americans loyal to established American values and traditions -- is a vanishing breed. Only scandals and abuses in extremis will make a Liberal candidate lose an election in California.

And to see California as the face of the nation, this is undeniably alarming. Soon there will only be a Liberal or Democratic Party. Liberals and Democrats will contest the election amongst themselves. The fundamental law on political party system is overwhelmed, and we go back to the fundamentals of reconstructing the Constitution and/or amending pertinent election laws to recreate a new political system in America.

In doing all these, we will have more cost to bear than just spending for our social capital infrastructures for this nation’s immigrants. But intolerant minds in agony are too limited to include this cost while they kick the bucket in their emotional nationwide protest.

But in so far as this anti-immigration video is concerned, it is just an old bullyrag. It exhibits a terrible amnesia of what America – the country of immigrants -- is all about. #

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