Monday, March 31, 2014

Excerpts Poker RESUME And Academic Back-Up Qualification

Edwin A. Sumcad Tel. (619) 579-5734

Wrote a Paper on Poker [book]. Plays poker for more than 45 years. Plays regular tournaments and a frequent winner in California Casinos and Cruise Poker Tours, plays live games in most big Casinos in Southern California, L.A. and Las Vegas, as well as nearby local Indian Casinos.

Has cultivated and institutionalized acquaintances and friendship with Indian Casino officials and employees. Has written editorials and published articles for and in defense of Indian Casinos.

Management Highlights

Trained senior executives; designed syllabus and coordinated/moderated seminars/symposia reducing cost by 20%-45%.

Conducted lectures/presentations in schools, office and community and earned advance degrees, promotion and community recognition.

Performed as keynote/guest speaker in community forums, gained recognition, achieved institutional objectives.

Represented agency in local and international conferences; coordinated inter-agency activities, prevented strike.

Managed office abroad; supervised external resource mobilization program increasing revenue by 15%-40%.

Founded and administered a multinational socio-civic umbrella sports organization, received commendation awards in inter-community relations.

Presided Human Relations Commission meetings, reducing EEO/AA costly litigation to nil.

Wrote and published powerful editorials/articles on business, economics, cultural relations and community leadership, received Municipal Council Commendation Award and Excellence Award in Journalism and Community Service.

Relevant Positions Held

Board Member and Columnist, Fil-Am community newspapers, Philippines & Asian Report -- current.

Diplomat – Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, 1987.

Presiding Vice Chairman, Human Relations Commission, Freeport City, Illinois, 1992.

Lawyer, since 1968, retired from active practice 1991.

Head of Staff for Administration, Department of Finance, Philippines, 1975, retired in 1987.

Education: Five Academic Degrees

Masters Degree in Law (LL.M.) University of San Diego School of Law, California 1994.

Masters Degree in Economics (M.A. Economics) University of Santo Tomas, Manila, 1987 [Development Economics with

Specialization in ILO-World Bank Fiscal & Monetary Economics].

Attorney (LL.B. (J.D.), MLQ University School of Law, Manila, 1967.

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